Cadillac Ranch - APhotographicLife
I first saw Cadillac Ranch on a trip to New Mexico many years ago. I remember heading West out of Amarillo and seeing something I could not explain. It is one of those moments when your eyes pass the information to your brain, but your brain cannot process the meaning or the context. You just stare wondering....what the hell?
It actually took me many more years before I would store and explore. I did pass through other times but since photography is always a big part of my decisions, the light was never right on those cars.
Early in 2013, on the way back from Utah, and in a terrific snow storm , I found my chance. It was muddy and smelled like cow dung, it is the middle of a pasture after-all, but the experience was amazing. Cars nose down in a field, put there by some artistic hippies from San Francisco, and covered in layers upon layers of graffiti! Weirdly Amazing!